Rehabilitation Assessment Profile : RAP

Rehabilitation Assessment Profile : RAP

The RAP has three versions, namely the ‘Prior’, ‘Post’ and ‘General’ RAP. In essence, all these tests are assessing the same thing – i.e. the probability that a person, who went astray, will be rehabilitated.

The ‘Post’ version was specially developed for people who received a jail sentence and are qualifying for parole status.

The ‘Prior’ version assesses people that were already found guilty in a court of law but were not yet sentenced – i.e. assessing before sentencing.

The ‘General’ version applies to ‘lesser’ serious cases, e.g. people who were found guilty during a Disciplinary Hearing in a corporate environment. The aim is to assess the risks to continue the employment of such a person or appointing a person with a negative disciplinary record from outside. The risk involved is again directly related to the probability that such a person will be successfully reformed. This is the answer being provided by this test.

In addition to the nearly 60 scales the test is providing, the battery also represents a Standard Questionnaire and a Structured Interview to be completed regarding the testee and is giving a distinct 360-degree character to this assessment approach.