Privacy Of Information


Privacy Act 2020: Adhering to the principles

Purpose of the collection

  • For Evaluative purposes only.


  • From the subject personally and or from sources supplied by the subject and or from relevant official sources.

Autorisation to collect information:

  • Subject to agree personally.

Manner of collection:

  • Questionnaire completed by the subject

Storage and security of information

  • Information stored with requesting entity (None stored with ExecuConsult)

Access to information:

  • Requesting entity only who may only use it for evaluative purposes only.

Accuracy of information:

  • Information is collected from the subject and or from sources supplied by the subject and or from relevant official sources.

Retention of information:

  • Requesting entity may only retain information for the purpose it was collected i.e. evaluative purposes.

Limits on use of collected information:

  • Only evaluative purposes.

Disclosure of information:

  • May only be disclosed for the original purpose it was collected.

Disclosure outside New Zealand:

  • Only if the overseas agency adheres to similar privacy laws as New Zealand.

Unique identifiers:

  • Must be unique for purpose – may not be an identifier issued by another agency i.e. driver’s license or passport number. If required please discuss detail with ExecuConsult.


Regarding General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - (EU Law) /Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 (POPIA) - (South Africa) compliance as it applies to our online assessment system:

We went through a comprehensive compliance exercise during 2018/19 to bring our IT infrastructure, processes, policies and procedures in line with GDPR regulations and subsequently also updated those to address POPIA compliance. 

How we handle personal information:

Each candidate confirms their consent to the terms laid out in our consent form before completing their first assessment on the online assessment system.  The consent form is accessible via a link on-screen.  The candidate confirms agreement and consent by checking the relevant box before being allowed to proceed with their assessment.  This consent is captured in our database and can be verified if necessary.

Our Privacy Policy (see link below), which is referenced, and linked to in the consent form, contains the required information to ensure our compliance in terms of the local POPI act and the EU General Data Processing Regulations.  This Privacy Policy is found here:

 and which is also easily accessible in the footer of the assessment system and information website, addresses the following:

  • Our principles regarding user privacy and data protection. 
  • What personal data do we collect and process? 
  • How do we process the data subject’s personal data? 
  • The legal basis for collecting and processing personal data.   
  • Data Retention – How long we retain data, our policy on sharing data, and data storage and processing location.
  • Data Protection Rights of the data subject –  Right to access personal information, right to object, regulatory authority contact information, and how to contact us.