Job Specific Assessments

Security Assessment Profile : SAP

The SAP is a competency test that consists of 100 test items focusing on the security industry. It consists of four main Parts and five Substructures, each consisting of competencies, skills, abilities and attributes that provide the employer 35 scales on to base decisions about the testee.  An Integrated Rating provides the single best representative ‘score’ of the measuring areas and an Adapted Rating takes into account the degree to which the testee tried to manipulate the outcome of this test.

The SAP takes approximately an hour to complete.

Driver Assessment Profile : DAP

Driver Assessment Profile : DAP

This instrument specialises in vehicle drivers.  It assesses the critical human factors that successful professional vehicle drivers should possess. It involves drivers of virtually all types of vehicles – including ‘general’ and ‘specialised’ vehicles (trucks, tractors, taxis, busses, ambulances, fire engines, etc.).

The DAP is a competency test that consists of 100 test items consisting of four main Parts and five Substructures with an Integrated Rating that provides the single best representative ‘score’ of the above measuring areas and an Adapted Rating which is an adaptation of the score according to the degree the testee tried to manipulate the outcome of this test.

The DAP takes approximately an hour to complete.

Domestic Services Profile : DSP

The DSP is a composite test to assess and predict the effective and successful rendering of services in the domestic domain. Typically this is associated with providing for the needs of housekeeping, cleaning, maintenance, and child and people care in a wider definition.  It assesses the necessary cognitive, emotive and human/people-orientation and technical ability and skills, including the required mental, attitudinal, personality, integrity, and work ethic dispositions as well as a basic interest, competency, experience, and language/communication ability.

The test consists of two divisions with a total of 112 items. These are to be completed in 45 minutes.

Call Centre Agent Test : CAT  

The instrument assesses and predicts the properties related to the successful functioning in the various operational positions associated with Call Centres. This starts with the basic functional position of the Call Centre Agent dealing with high volumes and repetitive collecting and providing of basic information. It extends to high-level Call Centre Agents who are dealing with more complex enquiries, time-consuming problem-solving, specialized know-how and the ability to resolve issues of an advantaged nature in a short period while being accountable for and accepting full ownership and responsibility in the process.

The questionnaire consists of two divisions with 175 test items and can be completed in about 50 minutes.

Workplace Orientation Test : WOT

The WOT provides a corporate perception of the role played by Integrity, Personality, Behaviour and Competency when assessing the probability of the candidate to perform his job as well as, or even better, from a home-based situation.

The WOT presents a Questionnaire consisting of 134 test items. A One-Pager Summarized Report as well as an Extended Defined Report, a Manual and a Progressive Norm Table are available to assist the user to identify candidates most capable to operate effectively from home.

Although the test has no formal time restriction, it should normally be completed in approximately 30 minutes

A Workplace Orientation Checklist : WOC

This is not a psychometric test but a survey. It is available to supplement the information obtained from the WOT. The checklist will add information about factors such as job demands, conduciveness of facilities at home for effective functioning, formal academic/scholastic qualifications, work experience and training received, as well as the familiarity with the salient organizational procedure and functioning to assist an informed decision regarding the suitability of the person to effectively function from home.