Integrity Assessments

The Integrity Profile -200  : IP200

The IP200 is the Flagship of the dedicated Integrity tests that consists of 10 sub-structures of which each has 5 measuring areas. It is a very comprehensive, diagnostic and developmental instrument that provides the user with more than 60 scales to measure the complex concept of Integrity with, to provide feedback to testees, to make predictions on future behaviour, and/or develop Integrity in an individual or organisational basis. It consists of 200 test items, and takes approximately an hour to administer. It indicates Lie, Consistency as well as Unnatural Exaggeration factors. The test is an online test with computerized analysis.

The Integrity Measuring Instrument : IMI  

The IMI is a shorter and simpler version of the IP-200. It is much more overt and direct in its basic approach to measuring Integrity. It consists of 100 test items (declaring approximately 75% of the total variance). It is available in more than 10 languages (plus Braille and Sign Language) and provides the user with 10 scales to base the decision(s) upon. The IMI takes about 35 minutes to complete and is especially useful for screening purposes.

The Basic Integrity Profile: BIP

The BIP was developed from the comprehensive IP200 to provide a condensed instrument to ‘shortlist’ people regarding Integrity in the World of Work. It consists of only 35 test items and generates 18 scales. Thirteen represent the primary areas within the field of Integrity and five of the secondary areas. The BIP takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Organizational Citizenship Behaviour : OCB

The OCB assesses the candidate’s general disposition to help others and to serve the best interest of the organization at all times under all circumstances. The test may be used in a survey format as well as during the screening process. It can also be utilized for organisational development purposes. The test has two main Substructures, i.e. OCB-People and OCB-Corporate. The person’s typical disposition to assisting people/co-workers is being assessed with OCB-People. OCB-Corporate assesses the candidate’s positive orientation to serving the best interest of the organization. In total, the test consists of 60 test items. The test has no time restriction but is normally completed in 15 – 20 minutes.

Counterproductive Work Behaviour (CWB)

The  CWB test assesses the tendency of the candidate to demonstrate (or succumb to) behaviour that is (or could be) to the detriment of the organisation and his co-workers. This may include a lack of commitment to or to promote the best interest of the organization up to blatant actions such as sabotage or aggression towards seniors or colleagues to cause harm to the organisation and/or its employees.

Similar to the OCB, the CWB can be used in a survey format as well as during the screening process or for organisational development purposes. The instrument measuring the CWB construct consists of 45 test items which represent two Substructures, namely a Causative Substructure and a Mode Level Substructure. There is also a Monitor Substructure consisting of two sub-scales to monitor the assessment process.  Although the test has no formal time restriction, it should normally be completed in approximately 10 – 20 minutes.