About Us

The Reality

In today’s highly competitive labour market employers vie for the best talent available and need to fill vacant positions fast. Job seekers are eager to exploit available opportunities resulting in high application volumes.

The Dilemma

To identify, confirm and employ exceptional talent within the shortest time frame possible.

The Danger

Not being able to process suitable candidates quickly enough. 

Employing unsuitable candidates which will have expensive and disruptive consequences.

Enter ExecuConsult!

ExecuConsult provides 

scientific Profile Assessment Services 

to recruiters and employers.

We ensure that the best available talent 

is identified in the shortest possible time.


ExecuConsult is a subdivision of Execu Enterprises Ltd (NZBN: 9429046049209).

J Hendrik van Rooyen is the CEO and major shareholder. He obtained a B.Public and Business Administration qualification from Unisa. He has more than 30 years of experience as a profile assessor in both the public and commercial environments utilizing psychometrics and psychophysiological observation techniques in the assessment process.     

The Integ Battery of Psychometric Assessment instruments in Australia and New Zealand, is distributed by ExecuConsult under agreement with  Integ International Pty Ltd.

Our mission is to connect the best possible talent available with our clients to realize the mission and vision of their businesses.

Integrity International

Integrity International (INTEG) and its international team, led by Dr. Louis Fick, have developed over time many psychometric assessment tools.  INTEG is deeply involved in the academic and research fields and is a leader in measuring integrity in the workplace. 

Requested and financially supported by a world-renowned international aid and development entity, the team researched and described the scientific foundation of Integrity in cooperation with representatives from eleven countries.

The group developed a dedicated psychometric instrument to measure Integrity with a high degree of validity and reliability. It covers all the critical areas of Integrity to facilitate a detailed analysis on which clinical diagnoses and development are based.

From the initial instrument, a number of psychometric tests were developed to address a wide range of assessments within the world of work. These tests ‘talk’ to each other as they were developed by, maintained, and continuously upgraded by the same person/team.

All instruments are registered with relevant professional bodies globally. An important hallmark of the instruments is their cultural neutrality and absence of bias when applied in diverse demographic environments.

Assessment Instruments

We use Integ Assessment Instruments developed by an international group of Organisational Psychologists led by Dr. Louis Fick.
The instruments are anchored on the pillar of Integrity and are used by governments, major corporations, financial institutions, and SMEs in various countries.